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Safety Helmet with Rechargeable Led Headlamp

ISI Marked Safety Helmet with Rechargeable Led head Lamp / Miners Cap Lamp

  • LED consumes less power hence gives long backup with lot of energy saving but a Powerful Beam.
  • Heavy duty battery gives extra long backup. (Option of Lithium Ion Battery Model)
  • Adjustable (UP – Down adjustment) for focusing on task.
  • No Filament in LED lamp hence Vibration resistant & shock tolerant
  • No lamp replacement required, as LED has life of more than 35,000 hours.
  • Dual charging compatibility, electric & solar both. (Solar Addl. Accessory.)
  • Available in 3 models ECOSP, Lithium Ion & Mining Model (IP-65)
  • Moisture Resistant, Vibration resistant, 1 year Warranty.

A basic necessity for all maintenance crew, inspection crew, Search & Rescue Services like Police, Military, Railway Gang men, Operation & Maintenance person. Powerful LED ensures clear visibility and special battery ensures un-interrupted backup. ISI Marked Safety Helmet ensures full safety of the user. Available in 3 models as given below.

Helmet Specifications

IS2925:1984, CM/L-7572484, We use Standard Make : Saviour, Tough Hat

(Helmet will be available in standard Yellow / White colour. Please mention colour when placing order)

ISI Marked Safety Helmet complying with IS 2925 -1984, along with detachable clip mounted Rechargeable LED Head Lamp ( Depends on model) , Six Point Plastic suspension with adjustable ratchet for size adjustment. Lamp Make : Om Energy Savers, complying to below specifications. Helmet Make : Saviour or Udyogi as per availability.

Detailed Technical Specifications : Helmet

Default Helmet is Yellow in color
Helmet is as per Compliance : IS 2925 1984.

Head Lamp Specifications : (W.E.F. Jan 2019)

  Parameter ECO Model Lithium Ion Model Mining Model
Light Source LED LED Dual LED
LED Power 1 Watt 2 Watt 3Watt
Beam Focus Method Mirror Reflector Mirror Reflector Mirror Reflector
Primary & Secondary Beam Yes, Dual Beam Yes, Dual Beam Yes, Dual Beam
Approximate Primary Beam Angle 20 deg Narrow Beam 20 deg Narrow Beam 20 deg  Narrow Beam
Approximate Secondary Beam Angle 100 deg  Wide Beam 100 deg Wide Beam 100 deg Wide Beam
Operating Modes Low & High Low & High Low & High
Backup Time in High Power Mode 3 to 4 Hours 8 to 10 Hours 10 to 12 Hours
Backup Time in Low Power Mode 7 to 8 Hours 16 to 18 Hours 20 to 24 Hours
Approx Distance of Propogation 50 Meters 100 Meters 100 Meters
Lumens 90 to 100 Lumens 150 to 200 Lumens 300 Lumens
Battery Type SMF / GEL Internal Lithium Ion/LiPo Internal Li Ion / Li Po Internal
Battery Capacity 600mAH 2200mAH 3000mAH / 4000mAH / 6000mAH
Charging Type Inbuilt  Electric Inbuilt / External External Electric Charger
Solar Charging Option Yes ( Addl. Accessory) Yes ( Addl. Accessory) No
Charging Time 8 to 10 hours 4 to 5 Hours 6 to 8 Hours
Solar Charging Compatibility No Yes Yes
Battery Over charge protection No Yes Yes
Battery Deep discharge protection No Yes Yes
Battery Charge & Discharge Cycle count ( Approx) 100 Charge-Discharge Cycles 500 Charge-Discharge Cycles 500 Charge-Discharge Cycles
Battery Shelf Life 1.5 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Battery Short Circuit Protection No Yes Yes
23 Beam Up / Down Adjust Yes Yes Yes
24 Lamp Mounting Welcro / Vaccum Cup
Clip at extra cost.
Special metal interlock clip Special metal interlock clip
25 Detachable Lamp Yes Yes Yes
26 Water Resistant No  IP42 Yes, IP65
27 IP – 65 Protection No No Yes
28 Dust Resistant Yes Yes Yes
29 Vibration Resistant Yes Yes Yes
30 Lamp Weight excluding charger Approx 200 Gms 200 Gms 180
31 Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
32 Availability Order Basis Order Basis Under Development
Available after 1/08/19