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Emergency Lights For Ships, Boats & Indoor

2X24 Watt Industrial Emergency Lighting System With Smoke Detector
Industrial Emergency Lighting System With Smoke Detector

Min Order Qty. : 50 Nos.

Key Features :

  • With 2 In 1 Smoke + Power Failure Activation
  • Powerful 2 X 24 Watt LED Lights(Round / Square Lights)
  • Rugged & Heavy Duty Design
  • Long Coverage Area
  • Powerful Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Bi-Directional Adjustable Focus
  • Auto Activation on Power Failure + Smoke Detection
  • IP 65, Waterproof & All Weather Use
  • Dust, Water & Vibration Proof
  • Power, Standby, Charging & Battery Low Indicators
  • Can be Operated When Water Sprinkle is on
  • Available for 110VAC, 60HZ & 220VAC, 50 HZ
  • Ideal for Ships, Police Stations, Hospital, Prisons
Industrial Emergency Lighting System With Smoke Detector
Industrial Emergency Lighting System With Smoke Detector

Brief Description :

Om Energy Savers has a wide range of Industrial Emergency Lights depending upon application. This range of industrial emergency lights are ideal for Industries, Factories, Banks, Ships, Boats, Tunnels, Police Stations, prisons , Hospitals etc. Powerful LED beam illuminates long area. This system is available in 2 Hours, 4 Hours & 8 Hours version. The system can auto turn ON automatically ON Smoke Detection and even after power failure. The system has a fully automatic internal controller that manages the battery levels and ensures proper battery charging process. Powerful BIS Certified Lithium Ion battery provides long life and long backup. This system is available in 2 versions i.e. 110V AC , 60 Hz or 220VAC as per the application. This system is designed, developed & manufactured in INDIA by Om Energy Savers & comes with a 1 year warranty.

Technical Specifications :

Light Source Power led / SMD Led (White Light)
Wattage 2 X24 W LED (Total 48 Watts / 4800 Lumens)
Run Time / Backup Time 2 Hrs / 4 Hrs
Battery Type Lithium / Polymer (BIS Certified)
Over Charge Protection Provided
Battery Deep DIscharge Protection Provided
Charging Indicator Provided
Battery Low Indicator Provided
EMGC/STBY Mode Indicator Provided
Charge Time 3 To 4 Hrs
Auto Activation on Power Failure Provided
Cable Length 1 Mtr
Beam Adjustment Possible
Area of Illumination 300 To 400 Sq.Ft
IP Rating IP65 (System) ,
Mains Point Needs To be Protected Seperately
Input Charging Voltage 110V AC & 220 V AC 50Hz
(110 V AC Version Available for Ships / Boats)
Adjustable Light Angle Possible
Operating Temp. Range -10° C TO 55° C
Operating Humidity Range 0% RH To 99% RH
Approximate Weight 2.5 Kgs.

Note : Available in 2X15W Version Also

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