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High Voltage Detecting Helmet

High Voltage Detecting Helmet with Audio and Visual Alert

Many times the Electric Maintenance Crew / Workers put their life at risk when working at high voltages. There have been hundreds of reported accidents and deaths due to workmen coming in contact with High Voltages and there is no second chance.

The old saying " Better be Safe than Sorry " stands valid even today.

This uniquely designed ISI Marked Safety Helmet with High Voltage detection facility is ideal life saving device beeps loud enough to alert the workmen of presence of high voltage in vicinity. When the workmen wearing the helmet approach a High voltage ( 3.3Kv , 11KV, 22KV, 33KV live line they are alerted well in advance. Sometimes electrically isolated lines are charged by mistake or accidentally turned ON which can be FATAL.

The High Voltage Detecting Helmet can alert about such events and save ones life.

Unique Features

ISI Marked Safety Helmet complying with IS 2925 -1984, along with detachable clip mounted Rechargeable LED Head Lamp ( Depends on model) , Six Point Plastic suspension with adjustable ratchet /strip for size adjustment.

Helmet Technical Specifications

The unit is able to sense voltage of live AC lines by remote sensing. It is battery operated and sounds alert when it is placed near mains cable / wire carrying voltage by remote sensing. Its beeper sounds instantly emitting sound of approximately 50dB (at 2 inch) & the same is indicated by a blinking LED.

Additional vibration alert ( like in mobile phone) can be provided in the helmet at an additional cost.

This unit can be connected to a bigger sensing antenna like aluminium foil which can be placed on inside of helmet on the sweat band.

This facilitates higher sensing capabilities and even can detect 11KV at nearly 2 meters (200cm)

of distance. The device can be placed either inside or outside the helmet as per convenience of the user.

Technical Specifications of HV detection Unit (Inbuilt) / Attachable

Minimum Order Qty : 25 PCS

Default helmet is Yellow in color

Helmet is as per Compliance: IS 2925 1984.