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Wireless Portable Public Address System Upto 3Km Range
Wireless Portable Public Address System

Min Order Qty. : 2 Nos.

Wireless Portable Public Address System

Key Features :

  • Wireless & Portable P.A. System
  • Long Range Upto 3 Km
  • Rugged, Sturdy & Light Weight
  • 1 Way and 2 way System Facility
  • Powerful 23 Watt Loud Speaker (Long Range)
  • Rechargeable (BIS Certified)Lithium Battery
  • Anti-Sleep Alert System
  • 24 Hrs Standby Time, 7-8 Hrs Continous Run Time
  • IP 65 All Weather USe
  • Dust, Water, Vibration Proof
  • Lightweight and easy to accry
  • 4 Level Battery Level Indicator
  • Solar Charging Option Available
  • Carry Case for Portability
  • Can be mounted on Tripod
  • Application : Railways, Army, Disaster Management Other O & M.
  • 1 Year Warranty

Brief Description :

Many a times the authorities or operation and maintenance crew or disaster management crew require to pass instructions at a remote site that is few meters or kilometers away. Since the sites are changing or in a disaster situation it is not possible to lay a cable or possible for the officers to be at the location continuously. At times group of people need to be instructed to perform certain actions from a distance, for example railways. At times the ARMY needs to question certain unidentified visitors from a distance.

So our first time in world wireless long range P.A. system solves this problem. Now with our long range wireless P.A. system it is possible to send audio / voice instructions over long distance. 23 Watt Poweful Ahuja Loud speaker profides long distance coverage. Wireless UHF band facilitates communication over 2 to 3 kilometers in open L.O.S. Powerful Lithium Ion battery provides 24 hours of standby time & 8 hours of run time. The Loud Speaker unit can be mounted on a tripod or a wall. It can also be charged using Solar Panels in case of unavailability of Power. Sturdy Carry Case ( IP65) facilitates portability to the complete system. Auto activated Audio Amplifier turns ON only on receipt of audio to save power. It consists of 2 uits (a) PA system Transmission Unit (b) Receiver & PA System with Loud Speaker.

Wireless Portable Public Address System

Technical Specifications :

  • Communication Range : 3KM In Open / Line of Sight
  • Operating Voltage : 12VDC for both Transmission & Reciever & PA System
  • Charging, Craging Full & Battery Low Indicators
  • BIS Certified Lithium ION Battery
  • Battery Overcharge Protection, Deep Discharge Protection, Short Circuit Protection
  • Operating Temperature Range : - 10oC To + 55oC
  • Operating Humidity Range : 0 % RH To 99 % RH
  • Ingress Protection : IP 65
  • Electric Charger for Transmission & Reciever PA System : 220VAC, 50Hz.
  • Communication Band : UHF
  • Flexible Bubber UHF Antenna
  • Charging Time : 4 To 5 Hrs
  • Run Time : 8 Hrs (AVG)
  • Stand-By Time : 24 Hrs
  • Tripod Mounting Capability
  • Loud Speaker Wattage : 23 Watt(PEAK)
  • RF Transmission Power : 500mW

Ideal for : Army, Police, CRPF, BSF, NDRF, SDRF, RPF, NMDA, SDMA, Indian Railways

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