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Rechargeable Red Led Obstruction Indication Light (Option - Magnet / Tripod Mount)
Rechargeable Red Led Obstruction Indication Light

Model No. : OESVBLR12H
Min Order Qty. : 50 Nos.

Rechargeable Red Led Obstruction Indication Light

Key Features :

  • Portable & Rugged Design
  • 3 Dimming Modes + Flashing & Constant Mode
  • 12 Hrs Run Time on Single Charge (In Normal Mode)
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion BIS Certified Battery
  • Long Range Visibility more than 1 km in clear Atmosphere
  • LED Based with Long life of LED (50,000 Hrs)
  • Radiation Angle : Omnidirectional (360o)
  • IP 65 All Weather Enclosure
  • Dust, Water & Vibration Resistant
  • Can be Mounted on Tripod Also* (Additional Accessory)
  • Electric Charging & Vehicle Charging Option
  • Application : Army Breakdown Towing vehicle, Police, Other Vehicle or Signaling Applications, Muncipal Corporations, MMRDA, Road / Bridge / Escavation Projects etc.

Brief Description :

This rechargeable Magnetic Vehicle Breakdown Indication Light / Rechargeable RED LED Warning Light. It can be placed on the road or mounted on the vehicle with its magnetic base or Tripod Stand (any one option). Powerful RED LED emit high intensity RED Light that is easily visible from Long Distance. It has 3 Modes , viz: Slow Flashing, Fast Flashing, Constant ON Mode. It has 3 Brightness level setting, viz : Low Lumens, Normal Lumens, High Lumens. It can operate in Normal Mode for 12 Hours on a single charge. It can be either charged from a mains 220V AC Outlet or from inside a vehicle cigarette lighter output (12VDC or 24V DC , Additional Accessory). It is IP65 and can be used in all weathers. This system is designed, developed & manufactured in INDIA by Om Energy Savers & comes with a 1 year warranty.

Technical Specifications :

Led Spectrum Signal Red
Led Type 5mm OR Power Led OR SMD Led Strip
Beam Dispersion 360o Omni Directional in horizontle plane
Flashing Modes A) Slow Flashing
B) Fast Flashing
C) Constant Mode
3 Brightness Modes Low, Normal & High
Operating Voltage. 12V DC (Internal)
Battery Type Lithium Ion (Internal, BIS Certified)
Visibility Range 1 Km OR Greater depending on Climatic Conditions
and Air Pollution Level (PM2.5, PM10)
Enclosure Type PVC, ABS, PP, DCA & MS – IP65 All Weather Enclosure
Flash Accuracy Microcontroller based for Accuracy in Flash Frequency
Battery Low Indicator Provided & System Status Indicator Provided
Operating Temperature Range -15oC TO 60oC
(Battery Replacement required after 18 - 24 months if extreme operating conditions.)
Operating Humidity Range 0 % RH To 99% RH
Run Time 12 Hrs in Normal Flashing Mode on single Charge
Electric Charger Provided, Solar Charging comtabile ( Solar Panel has to be purchased Seperatley)
Charging Input Voltage 220 VAC, 50 HZ, Charging Time 4 To 6 Hrs
+ Vehicle Charging Facility can be provided 12 V Or 24 V Compatible with both
(This is additional chargeable accessory)
Special Magnetic Mount Base Special Magnetic Mount Base for Vehicle Mounting or
Tripod mounting Option (Any One)
Weight Approx. 1200 Gms Incl. Battery
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Souce Made In India
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