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Rechargeable Pocket Tri-Colour Torch (Water-Proof)
Rechargeable Pocket Tri-Colour Torch Water-Proof

Model No. : OESOMHAWS444 - (4400mAh Battery)
Model No. : OESOMHAWS222 - (2200mAh Battery)
Min Order Qty. : 100 Nos.

Rechargeable Pocket Tri-Colour Torch Water-Proof

Key Features :

  • Worlds Most Powerful Tri Colour Torch
  • Water Resistant (IP65) All Weather Design
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery (BIS Certified)
  • Light Weight & Compact Design, Fit into Pocket Easily
  • Ultra High Intensity Red & Green LED(Long Range)
  • Fog penetration Capability
  • Good Visibility Even in heavy Rains
  • 50,000 Plus Hrs LED Life
  • Microcontroller based design provides Accurate Control
  • High Capacity Lithium Battery
  • Electric Fast Charger
  • Individual Switch for each light
  • Maintenance free design
  • Robust and sturdy ABS Enclosure & Construction
  • Battery Low & Charging Indicator
  • Lanyard for carrying convenience
  • Govt. / NABL ACCR. Lab Tested
  • Made In India
  • 1 Year Warranty

Brief Description :

The Tri – Color Torch or Hand Signaling Lamp is a basic necessity for the Railways Loco Pilot / Motorman , Guard, Inspection Staff, etc. Many designs have been available in the market; however, the reliability factor of the product has always been questionable. Om Energy Savers has been serving the Indian Railways with high quality products since over 10 years and has designed the worlds most powerful Rechargeable Tri Colour Torch ( IP65) . The design uses ultra high intensity RED & GREEN LED with special lens to produce a very high intensity beam that can propagate over very long distances. It provides good visibility even in the foggy climate or very heavy rains. Its IP65 enclosure facilitates all weather use. It uses a BIS certified high capacity lithium ion battery that provides long run time at high intensities. It also consists of a battery low indicator and charging status indicator that can indicate the battery status. Its has been designed in a sturdy and robust ABS Enclosure that makes it suitable for heavy duty use. Its compact & weight design easily fits into the Shirt or Trouser Pocket. The LED are of high quality and have a very long life of over 50,000 hours. The unit comes with a electric fast charger and can completely charge the unit in about 5 to 6 hours. It consists of an individual switch for each aspect and does not permit use of any two or three LED colours at a given time. Microcontroller based design facilitates accurate control, precise charging and discharging and 240 Pulse per minute for RED & GREEN Flashing. The White LED is of 3 watts rating and provides illumination in the constant mode. In emergency it can even be charged from mobile battery bank.

Technical Specifications :

White LED 3 Watts, 300 Lumens
Red LED 1 Watt, 100 Lumens
Green LED 1 Watt, 100 Lumens
Flashing Rate 240 PPM ( RED & GREEN)
White LED Constant Mode
Run Time White = More Than 10 Hrs (Continous)
Red = More Than 48 Hrs (Flashing )
Green = More Than 48 Hrs (Flashing)
Red & Green Visibility More Than 2 KM
Operating Temp. Range 0°C TO 55°C
Operating Humidisty Range 0 TO 99% RH
Battery Type Lithium Ion, BIS Certified (Govt. Of India)
Battery Capacity 2200mAh & 4400mAh (2 Models)
Battery Protections Overcharge, Deep DIscharge, Short Circuit
Indicators Battery Low, Charging On, Charging Full
Lens Special Polycarbonate Lens for High Intensity
Switch Membrane Switch for Each Colour
Charge Time 5 To 6 Hrs
Enclosure Type ABS, Water Resistant
Ingress Protection IP65,Lab Tested
Lux Test Report NABL Lab Tested
Run Time Test NABL Lab Tested
Weight (Approx.) 350gms.
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