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Rechargeable LED Vest For Additional Night Safety
Rechargeable Led Vest For Additional Night Safety

Min Order Qty. : 250 Nos.

Key Features :

  • Rechargeable LED Vest
  • Powerful High Lumen LED
  • Powerful Lithium Battery
  • Visible from very long Distance
  • 4 Powerful Multi - LED Strips
  • 48 High Lumen Lens
  • 15 Hrs Plus Run Time
  • 24 Hrs Plus Run Time in Flashing Mode
  • 5 Operating Modes (3 In ECO Version)
  • Available in Economy & Premium Versions
  • Can be Customized in Red or Green Colours
Rechargeable Led Vest For Additional Night Safety

Brief Description :

During the night or in the dark it is very essential to identify working staff on the roads, highways, railway tracks or airport runways. Though the staff is wearing vest with reflective stripes, the biggest drawback is that the reflective stripes are visible only after light falls on it and that too at a particular angles. If the light does not fall on the reflective stripes at a particular angle then the stripes are as good as invisible. Reflective stripes are highly dependent on the external light source and the angle of light falling on it. If the incident light is in an acute / narrow angle then reflective stripes do not effectively reflect light hence the reflection is angle dependent. In a foggy night it is even more difficult to see the reflective stripes as light weakens as it reaches the reflective strip and back to us. Hence there is a need for additional light emitting gear that can be attached to a safety vest for identifying the human easily in the dark when no light source is present and even in a foggy weather or heavy rains. Else it is a great risk for the ON Field working staff at great risk.

Introducing OES's "SAFETY VEST WITH RECHARGEABLE LED STRIPS" . The wearer can be easily identified in the dark without having to depend on the proper angle of reflection. The wearer can be identified in the foggy weather or even in heavy rains. Its powerful Lithium Rechargeable battery facilitates 15 Hours plus of Run Time in constant mode and more than 25 hours in flashing mode. Its visibility is more than 1000 meters. LED Strips are removeable for vest washing. The battery can charge in about 2 to 3 hours. The water resistant design facilitates use even in the rains or extreme weather.

Technical Specifications :

  • Polyster Material Durable Vest / Jacket (Available in Orange, Flourescent Yellow / Green Colours
  • Reputed 3M OR Simmilar 2 Inch Reflective Stripes visible from 360o
  • High Quality front zip
  • Light Source : LED (Flexible Type)
  • LED Type : SMD
  • Lumens : 100
  • Visibility Distance : 1000 Mtrs / 1KM : Depending on atmospheric pollution
  • No. Of LED : 48 (12 X 4 Stripes)
  • Mode : 5 Modes : Low, Mid, High, Flashing, SOS Mode
  • All weather Use
  • Removeable LED Stripes & Battery Box
  • Microcontroller Based for Precise Control
  • Indicators – Charging, Battery low
  • Buzzer Alarm for Battery Low
  • Option for Red / White / Green LED
  • Powerful Lithium Battery
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Made In India
Run Time Table
Sr Mode Hours of Backup
1 Low Mode 30 Hrs
2 Normal Mode 15 Hrs
3 High Mode 8 Hrs
4 Flashing Mode 15 Hrs Plus
5 SOS Mode 15 Hrs Plus
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