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Portable, Magnetic Man Hole LID / Cover Opener
Portable, Magnetic Man Hole LID / Cover Opener

Model No. : OESPMHOS444
Min Order Qty. : 5 Nos.

Key Features :

  • Lifts Upto 300 Kgs Man Hole very Easy
  • Special Strong Magnetic Activator
  • Portable and can be easily moved
  • Light Weight
  • Special Heavy Duty Trolley Wheels
  • Compatible with Circular and Rectangular Man holes*
  • Angle Adjustment for long Arm
  • Telescopic extension facility for long Arm
  • Special Rubber cushining for comfort
  • Low lift angle to reduce impact
  • Heavy duty MS construction
  • Powder Coated
  • Made in India
  • 1 Year Warranty
Portable, Magnetic Man Hole LID / Cover Opener

* Rectangular man hole cover opening may require an additional attachment.


Brief Description :

Man holes are an essential part of a cities or districts infrastructure. They are not only used by Municipal Corporation's Storm Water Drain Departments, Sewerage Departments but also by many other utility service providers like Telecom Companies, Internet Service Providers, Piped Gas Companies, Power Distribution Companies etc. The man hole cover weighs between 100KGs to 300 KGS. The presently used methods to lift and open a man hole cover are improper and can cause accidents. Also many a times the spinal cord of the man hole lifters are hurt in the process. There are good chances that during the process of opening of the manhole lid, it can fall on the feet of the staff at site and cause a permanent damage to them. Sometimes a part of the road or foot path are damaged due to impact of the lid when opening the man hole cover. Therefore it is necessary to swiftly and carefully lift & place back the man hole cover.

To solve this problem, Om Energy Savers is happy to introduce " The Portable Magnetic Man Hole Lid Opener". With this system, one can very swiftly and easily lift and place back man hole covers / lids as heavy as 300KGs, without causing damage to the road or foot-path. It is so easy to operate and lift a cover that one does not have to strain his muscles or hurt his spine when operating this. It uses a special type of magnet with an activation and deactivation facility to lift the man hole. Its long arm is provided with the facility to change the lifting angle and even its length using a special telescopic arrangement.

Technical Specifications :

  • Class-1 Bell Crank Lever
  • Fulcrum placement near load for minimal Lifting effort
  • Bell crank angle adjustment 3 position
  • 5 mm Mild Steel Hollow section pipe Arms
  • Heavy duty large PU wheels with 6 inc Dia & bearing
  • Hook with load bearing capacity of 1000 Kgs
  • Handle with form grip for user comfort
  • Telescopic 4 position extendable Arm
  • Manhole weight lifting capacity : 70 TO 300 Kgs
  • Manhole Types : Circular, rectangular, made of magnetic material
  • Magnet Type : Permanant with activation / deactivation function
  • Magnet Load capacity : 400 Kgs
Portable, Magnetic Man Hole LID / Cover Opener
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