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Open Man Hole Alert & Accident Prevention System
Open Man Hole Alert & Accident Prevention System

Model No. : OESOMHAWS444
Min Order Qty. : 5o Nos.

Key Features :

  • First Time in world (Patent Filed)
  • Instantly Pop Up & Alerts when Man Hole is Open
  • Prevent Vehicle Accidents
  • Prevents Human from Falling inside Man Hole
  • Powerful Red Led Blinking Light Works for 48 Hrs
  • Additional Alert – Red Reflective Stripes
  • No Power Required for Pop Up
  • Rised Up to 3.5 Feet From Open Man Hole
  • Buzzer Alert for Blind Person
  • Sturdy PVC Construction
  • Long Life of 5 Years Plus Unless Physical damage
  • Reusable
  • Nearly zero consumables
  • Made in India
  • 1 Year Warranty
Open Man Hole Alert & Accident Prevention System
Open Man Hole Alert & Accident Prevention System

Brief Description :

Man holes are an essential part of a cities or districts infrastructure. They are not only used by Municipal Corporation's Storm Water Drain Departments, Sewerage Departments but also by many other utility service providers like Telecom Companies, Internet Service Providers, Piped Gas Companies, Power Distribution Companies etc. Each city or district has between 30,000 to 80,000 man holes.

Till date there have been numerous cases on record of vehicular accidents and or cases of human or animals falling and drowning into the open manholes. This problem is not only restricted to India but it is a Global problem. The man hole is left open either due to its lid / cover being stolen or not been put back in time. Some smart devices are available in the market that can be fitted to the man holes and they communicate using SIM cards to the authority alerting them about an open man hole, however such systems are very expensive and do not alert the near-by people or vehicles about an open manhole which in fact should be a priority. So in-spite of having a smart sensor, they still pose a great risk to the pedestrians and passing by vehicles.

However now with our "Open Man Hole Alert & Accident Prevention System" it is possible to instantly alert the nearby pedestrians and passing by vehicles about an open man hole being present in their path. As soon as the man hole is opened, the system pops-up a 3.5 feet long pop-up pipe consisting of a powerful RED Flashing LED light on its top. This instantly alerts the nearby persons and vehicles of an open manhole nearby. The RED Reflective stripes serve as an additional backup for alerting the pedestrians and vehicles. So long as the man hole is open or the pipe is damaged, it will stand erect and warn about the open manhole. The RED LED flashes for about 2 days ( 48 Hours). The owner of the man hole can be alerted by the public or police by dialing on the phone number provided on the pop up pipe. The pop up pipe is of great use when the man hole is open in a waterlogged situation and people and vehicles cannot see the open manhole. This simple yet powerful system can help save lives and prevent vehicular accidents. This system is reusable and can be reset to its original position and ready to pop out again whenever the lid is taken off.

This system is very economical and can be implemented very easily to all the man holes. It does not use any power for the action of pop – up and hence is very reliable. Even if the battery fails or gets over, the pipe will still pop out whenever the man hole is opened, and the RED reflective stripes will still serve the purpose. (Patent Filed)

Technical Specifications :

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