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Long Range RF Wireless Hooter Safety Device (3 Km Range) With Red / Green Signalling System
Long Range RF Wireless Hooter Safety Device With Signalling System

Model No. : OESLRWHS4443KM
Min Order Qty. : 2 Nos.

Long Range RF Wireless Hooter Safety Device With Signalling System

Key Features :

  • Wireless & Portable
  • Long Range 3KM
  • Rugged & Light Weight
  • 2-Way Connectivity Check System
  • Maintenance Free
  • Rechargeable (BIS Certified) Lithium Battery
  • Anti-Sleep Alert System
  • 130 DB + 130 DB Loud BI Directional Sound
  • Powerful LED Torch & Red + Green Signaling Lights
  • IP 65 All Weather Use
  • Dust, Water & Vibration Proof
  • Light Weight & Easy to carry
  • 4 Level Battery Level Indicator
  • Sturdy PVC /Plastic Un-Breakable Enclosure
  • Application : Railways, Army, Disaster Management

Brief Description :

The Indian Railways has to carry out maintenance work on the railway tracks at regular intervals to ensure smooth functioning of their services. The officers and staff are so engrossed in the work, that they are unable to see or hear an approaching train. Sometimes the machinery noise suppresses the approaching train sound and this has proved to be fatal. Many such accidents have been recorded in the past and continue to happen even today. However if the Railway Officers or Staff are alerted well in advance about the approaching train then this can save their lives.

This life saving emergency device has been specially constructed to wirelessly alert the officials / workmen about an approaching train to avert a misfortunate incidence or accident by blowing the Powerful 2X130dB Hooters ( Bi-Directional). After continuous research & development and feedback from Railways officials, we at Om Energy Savers have designed a unique system eliminating nearly all the drawbacks of other systems available in the market.

Om Energy Savers is proud to present the " The Long Range RF Wireless Hooter Safety Device with status feedback system, and inbuilt RED / GREEN Signaling system. One can now wirelessly trigger the siren / hooter which can be placed upto 3KM away. Ideal for long distance signaling for Railways, Metro Railway, Tunnel Projects, Army & Navy Signaling, Other signaling applications. This system is designed , developed & manufactured in INDIA by Om Energy Savers & comes with a 1 year warranty.

Technical Specifications :

  • Long Range (3 Km Plus)
  • Indicators : RF Connectivity Status (A + V), Train Gone/ Event Over Indicator, Job Over Indicator, Siren Activated Indicator, Anti Sleep / Alertness Check Indicator (A+V), Charging & Battery Level Indicator, Power ON / OFF.
  • Powerful 2 Nos. 130 DB Dual Tone Siren / Hooters
  • Powerful Rechargeable Lithium BIS Certified Battery for Extra-long Backup
  • Anti Sleep / Always Alert Checking System
  • Two way Connectivity Checking System
  • Powerful Long Range Digital Wireless Transceivers (Licence Free Band)
  • 4 Level Battery Indicators + Battery Low Indicator & Alarm
  • RED + GREEN Led Light for Signals
  • Ingress Protection : IP65, All Weather
  • Flexible Long Range SPecial Antenna
  • Wide Operating Temperature & Humidity Range : 0oC TO 55oC & Humidity 0% RH To 99% RH.
  • Light Weight and Tripod mount Comtabile
  • Operating Temperature Range -10oC To 45oC
  • Operating Humidity Range 0% RH To 99% RH.
  • Approx. Weight : 3Kgs for Reciever Siren Unit and 1 Kg for Activator Unit
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