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ISI Marked Safety Helmet with HD Camera and Light (Waterproof)
ISI Marked Safety Helmet with HD Camera and Light (Waterproof)

Model No. : OESSHWCNL111
Min Order Qty. : 5 Nos.

Key Features :

  • Full HD Colour Recording
  • Wide Angle Recording
  • Long Duration Recording
  • Water Resistant
  • Night Vision
  • Powerful Lithium Battery
  • Powerful Side-Light (Optional)
  • Adjustable Torch Beam
  • Long Run Time
  • Hands Free Opration
  • Ideal For Police, Railways, Disaster Management, Defence Services, Paramilitary Forces, Muncipal Corporation etc
ISI Marked Safety Helmet with HD Camera and Light (Waterproof)

Brief Description :

Many a times, field officers require to record and capture important events or ongoing work for records and evidence purposes. Though the mobile phone is the most convenient gadget available to everyone these days, recording on mobile phones cannot be performed for long periods as human hands are subjected to stress and can result in pain and stability issues thus ending in poor results. Our ISI marked Safety Helmet with camera solves this problem. Our helmet with camera facilitates long hours of Full HD Colour recording without subjecting our hands to any stress ( Hands-Free Operation). The wide angle lens provides wide coverage. An inbuilt powerful lithium battery provides long hours of recording. The camera can also record in the dark with its night vision capability. Additional side light provides illumination to the user for better video capture in the dark. It also provides illumination for performing any task or work. It has an adjustable beam width that can be varied according to the user requirement. The system is water resistant and can be used even in heavy rains.

Technical Specifications :

  • ISI Marked Safety Helmet (IS2925)
  • Helmet Attachments : Camera + Side Angle
  • Camera Recording Format : Full HD
  • Camera Recording Time : 4 To 5 Hrs Continous
  • 1920 X 1080 Resolution at 30 FPS IR LEDs for night vision Functionality
  • 130° Diagonal Field of view snapshot button captures still images
  • Built-In microphone Built-In Battery
  • Up To 5 Hrs Battery life includes 32 GB MicroSD Card
  • IPX4-Rated for Water Splash protection shock resistant


  • 5 Watt powerful LED for long range and high lumens
  • 500 Lumens output, 3 Modes of Operation
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery for LED light
  • Adjustable Beam Width
  • LED Light Distance : UpTo 100 Mtrs
  • Runtime 4 To 5 Hrs in High Mode (LED Light)
  • LED Llight Ingress Protection – IP65
  • Charging Method : Electric Charger for Camera and LED Light
  • 1 Year Warranty

Note : Higher capacity battery also available in this design for 10 – 12 hours backup. (2800mAh or 3000mA Lithium Battery)

Note : For more detailed technical specifications for tenders pls email us.

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