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Remote Area Lighting Systems

OES 10,000 Lumens 360° Remote Area Lighting System
10,000 Lumens 360 Degree Remote Area Lighting System


10,000 Lumens 360 Degree Remote Area Lighting System

Brief Description :

The specified light system, with its advanced features, is exceptionally suited for emergency services and disaster management. Its LED technology, capable of delivering a powerful 10,000 lumens output, ensures bright and extensive illumination, crucial during rescue operations in low-light conditions. The light's ability to adjust between 360 and 180-degree illumination, coupled with a 2-meter telescopic and foldable mast, provides versatility in directing light precisely where it's needed, be it for wide-area coverage or focused beam. The rugged design, certified to IP66, ensures all-weather usability, vital in unpredictable disaster scenarios. Its lightweight (10kg) and portable nature, enhanced with a provided carry case, make it easy to transport and deploy quickly in various terrains.

The system's robust BIS certified lithium-ion battery, and a clear LCD display (optional) for monitoring charge levels and usage mode, offers prolonged and reliable operation—up to 30 hours in low mode. This is especially beneficial during extended power outages or when working in remote locations. The different operating modes (low, mid, high) allow responders to balance brightness and battery life according to the situation's demands. Additionally, the safety features like the 15A thermal circuit breaker and various charging indicators ensure safe and efficient use.

Moreover, being made in India and complying with CE and BIS standards, it assures quality and reliability. Its 3-year warranty offers additional confidence in its long-term performance. In summary, this light system is a vital tool for emergency responders and disaster management teams, offering powerful, versatile, and reliable illumination that can significantly aid in various critical and challenging situations.

Technical Specifications :

Sr. No. Parameter Value / Description
1 Light Type LED
2 Light Feature Capability to llluminate 360 degree and 180 degree as per requirement.
The light head can be positioned in different angles.
3 Lumens of LED light total 10,000 Lumens ( Total 100 Watt)
4 Light Mast 2 Meter Height, Telescopic type / Foldable
5 Charging 12V – 30V DC Chargin Input (DC)
100 – 240 VAC Input
6 Circuit Protection 15A, Thermal Circuit Breaker
7 Protection Class IP66, All Weather Use.
8 Weight ( Incl. Extension Pole) 10 KG (Without Accessories / Case)
9 Battery Type Lithium Ion – BIS Certified Battery
10 LCD Display (Optional) For Charging Information, Battery level in % age, Lumens,
Mode & Balance Hours of Backup time Remaining. 
11 Indicators
  1. Battery Low Indicator
  2. Charging ON Indicator
  3. Charging Complete Indicator
12 Operating Mode 3 Mode : Low, Mid & High


Duration of Run Time Low Mode : ( 2,500 Lumens) : 30 Hours
Mid Mode : ( 5,000 Lumens) : 16 Hours
High Mode ( 10,000 Lumens) : 4 Hours 
14 Dimensions Easy for Carrying
15 Carry Case Provided, for safety of carrying and equipment protection
16 Accessories Electric Charger (Included)
17 Branding Logo Engraved on the Surface of the Product.
18 Warranty 3 Years
19 Compliance CE – For Complete System
BIS – For Battery ( Lithium Ion )
NABL Lab Test : Lumens, IP66, Run Time, Mast Height, 3 Modes,
180 and 360 Degree Illumination Capability
20 Country of Origin Made in INDIA

Designed developed & manufactured by Om Energy Savers, Mumbai.

Maximum Retail Price : MRP Rs. 3,49,666.00 (Inclusive of All Taxes)

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